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Greiner-Stra├če 70
A-4550 Kremsm├╝nster
Phone 07583/905 00
Fax 07583/905 00-500
Automobile interior trim
Foam coated and foam backed sheet and textiles
Foam goods (mattresses)
Foam inserts
Foam insulating and composite boards
Foam materials based on ether or esther
Foam materials based on plastic
Foam materials based on technical and medical applications
Foam sheet and film
Formwork of foam, plastic
Furniture and furniture parts of plastic
Insulating boards of plastic
Insulating foam systems
Insulating foams against heat, cold and noise
Orthopaedic positioning cushions
Packaging and filling material of foam
Polyester boards
polyether or polyester foams
Polyurethane coatings
Polyurethane foam boards
Polyurethane panels
Publicity and advertising materials of plastic
Rigid expanded foams
Shoe parts of synthetic material
Sound insulation systems of plastic
Surgical and sanitary products of plastic
Toys, sport and leisure products of plastic
Trade Marks
Comfort Bultex
EMC Sensitive
Eurofoam Audiofoam
Eurofoam Audiotec
Eurofoam Classic
Eurofoam Comfort
Eurofoam Composite
Eurofoam deflammo FF
Eurofoam Protect
Eurofoam Seaty
Eurofoam Technical Foams
Eurofoam Technics
Eurofoam Viscoline